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Interesting Critical Analysis Essay Topics 

Essay writing is something a student can never avoid. Students are given assignments related to essay writer from a very early stage. This is such an activity that enhances the academic skills of the students. There are many students who avoid essay writing and hire a professional essay writer for this purpose.A critical analysis essay is a very interesting type of academic essay. It is often assigned to high school students to help them enhance their critical thinking.

A good critical essay can be composed only if you have a good topic for it. Finding a good topic is a real challenge for any type of essay writing service. Many students are capable of writing a good essay but finding a topic makes them tired and they are compelled to pay for essay and get it written. 

Here we have summed an extensive list of very interesting topics for critical analysis essays. Go through them once and choose the one that is right according to your interests. 

Critical essay topics about literature

  1. How was the element of Irony, used in your favorite classical book?
  2. Feminist ideologies in a piece of literature
  3. The context when the author wrote a piece of literature
  4. Background of the author
  5. The allegorical use of words in your favorite Shakespearean sonnet
  6. Describe the secondary characters in your favorite book
  7. The similes, metaphors, and other figures of speech used in a poem
  8. Discuss the recurring theme/mood in a book
  9. How was allegory used in the literature?
  10. Describe the recurrent genre of literature in a particular era

Critical essay topics about movies and tv

  1. Media shows feminism in its works.
  2. Describe the recurring themes in movies and TV shows today.
  3. Pick a reality show and critically analyze it.
  4. A classical movie you would like to remake.
  5. How can a drama be made good and captivating?
  6. Watching a romantic comedy.
  7. What makes a high-school movie interesting?
  8. A movie/series that recently won the best picture award.
  9. Choose your favorite reality TV series and examine it
  10. What makes a game show interesting?

Critical essay topics on social issues

  1. How effective is the law system of the US in its war against drugs?
  2. War situation in the Middle East
  3. The US budget is spent on the Military.
  4. Racism in the police department. 
  5. Discuss the long-lasting effects of colonialism.
  6. What is the best alternative to anti-poverty programs today?
  7. Do you think rallies are still effective? 
  8. Discuss why obesity is the biggest problem for today’s generation?
  9. What are the problems of eating healthy?
  10. The legalization of Marijuana in some states in the US.

Critical essay topics about economics

  1. How efficient is the economic system of America?
  2. How does the Stock market affect our daily life?
  3. Benefits of new online currencies.
  4. Discuss minimalism in both positive and negative aspects.
  5. Conduct a critical analysis of the type of economic exchange in your locality.
  6. How can we build an effective budget?
  7. How do you economically spend your money as a student?
  8. Describe ways to reduce your spending while also reducing your own carbon footprint
  9. Discriminatory policies.
  10. Describe any one economic disaster in the past.

Critical essay topics on history

  1. Analyze the Thirteenth amendment
  2. Discuss the history of the US.
  3. Discuss how historical figures are depicted in movies.
  4. What are the ideologies that we see in movies based on history? 
  5. Pick out a movie that narrates the history of your hometown.
  6. How do historical movies impact the mindset of people? 
  7. Describe a historical documentary that you have watched
  8. Pick out one of the best historical movie series. 
  9. Discuss the popularity of Gettysburg.
  10. Pick out a famous historical book and perform a critical analysis of it.

Critical essay topics about the environment

  1. How effective is a morning show? 
  2. Discuss the speech of Al Gores on Global warming. 
  3. Which innovation you think can help with the reduction in pollution?
  4. The dominant type of pollution in your city
  5. That one environmental policy you think is unnecessary. 
  6. What can be used as an alternative for pesticides?
  7. Discuss the significance of the GMOs.
  8. Historical innovations that are found to be helpful for controlling Global Warming.
  9. Is capitalism compatible with environmentalism?
  10. Describe the issue with GMOs.

Critical Analysis Essay Topics

  1. The trend of doping In the major sporting events.
  2. Racism between layers in sports.
  3. The Impact of Video Games on Health
  4. The Impact of social media on teenagers.
  5. Impact of technology on Education
  6. Role of technology in the Workplace
  7. Single Parent-children. 
  8. Religious Intolerances
  9. The Diet issues of American People
  10. Pharmaceutical Issues. 

These topics will help you write my essay. Despite having a good topic and good writing skills, there are many students who can not write essays. As a matter of fact, Essay writing is a technical thing to do. 

If you are one of those students, the best option for you is to go for a good paper writing service. There are many legit writing services that can help you in this regard. Make sure that you research well before handing over your assignment to the service. 

Such essay writing services can help you with writing not only essay help but also your research papers and all other writing assignments. Also, getting such services is not difficult at all. Just contact them on their website and request them to “write my essay”. Most probably their customer support team will get back to you and look into your requirements.

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